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Can't Stop, Oh -- Off The Train.. Train, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh
September 14, 2003 //_ 10:39 AM

Eek. I actually ate breakfast today (3 pancakes with peanut butter and syrup) and now I feel .. full. It's a nice feeling. =)

Hehe.. things with Ty and Danny are getting so much better. Just last night, I had an ACTUAL conversation with Danny. He told me that the reason why he can never really talk online during the week is cause of his dance schedules and everything. I guess Danny has a lot of stuff to do in a normal guys week. I can respect him for that. So at least during the weekends we can chat and stuff. And things with Ty are doing better cause now he talks to me instead of me struggling to bring the conversation to life.

So things are okay right now. I still don't have anyone I can really talk to. But I'm almost 98% sure that Rosheen will be like.. a best friend of mine. If it wasn't for Karly in Music Lab.. Rosheen and I would be having great conversations. We were talking about how her girlfriend really wanted to be with her but she was having doubts. It's a nice change to talk to someone who can understand what I'm thinking/feeling.

I'm feeling pretty good right now.. I found a bunch of MP3's of Goldfrapp LIVE in Berlin and Vienna from their Black Cherry tour and Felt Mountain tour. It's so amazing. I need 2 cd-rs so I can burn them. They sound fantastic live. It's almost like listening to another record. Plus, their rendition of "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" is AMAZING. Or if you're realling interested in hearing them live, you can hear a whole concert of theirs here, just make sure you have RealOne Player and enjoy! [Although, the stupid announcer guy gets in the way sometimes.. just listen to it, its cool..]

If you're interested in hearing more Live MP3's of Goldfrapp, venture your mouses here and enjoy. =)

So today is going to be filled with nothing.

Yes Sir, I can boogie.

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