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Everytime We Loose Our Voice
September 07, 2004 //_ 10:20 PM

you're asking me how far i've felt. i cannot faulter with you anymore. i've never gone past your mark. i've steared clear of your masked dew and i can't control how many times i've thought of breaking this barricade.. but i have remained yours - from within my own will.

i love him. i love him. i love him.

i hold myself in contempt for loving you so.

he loves him. he loves him. he loves him.

and if i was in your presence, you wouldn't have to cry .. for you would have me. and i want you to hold those crystals as they were tiny sins.. no need to show them, for i am always here. the only tears needed to be shed are from true happiness - as you have once told me so.

i wait. i'll wait. always.

i never thought i would compromise..

you're there. i'm here. not together.

and i wish my room would stop feeling like a courtroom.
when the real courtroom is within my heart.


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