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September 30, 2011 //_ 2:12 AM

tonight had to be the night. I UNDERSTAND that the universe works in strange ways.. and somehow all 3 planets had to make their way into my orbit. as for me, I was preoccupied with settling old scores and catching up with old flames. moving into a big city distanced me from the former self, while at the same time creating a part of me that was always vacant... the one part I always yearned for.. to have that part of ME that made YOU miss ME. Kipp

I also know there are some threads I have yet to tie up and stow away. he circled my orbit and almost caused a head-on collision with the future of where-I-want-to-be. I had to smile and turn my cheek to prevent it. this is something on my behalf I have yet to complete. it feels bittersweet, but it was a part of me becoming who I am. who I will be. who I hope to be (with him) I only hope he understands. Albear

you wore your glasses tonight, something exceptionally cute yet fascinating to me. a beautiful soul like you has no reason to hide behind himself. you allowed me to pull you around, when I sincerely never wanted to hold the leash. your friends were nice and I can only wonder how I came off to them-first appearances meaning everything to me-I can only think of when you approached me in that dim-lit back room. how gorgeous you presented yourself. how awe-struck I became. silent. yet talking out of my ass just to keep you around.
happy you came and found me.

create something with me and realign the whole orbit. take me to the stars and become a part of this universe. I'm more than willing to lend a hand, a track, an ear, open arms and a set of lips to kiss you back within my grasp.

like stated, by saying so forth- I only worry I may jinx any of this.
prove to me this entry isn't like the others.

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