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When I'm Small.
November 05, 2011 //_ 4:26 PM

back again, in the same place I thought I'd never return. dealing with something so ridiculously stressful I told myself I'd never be surrounded by this again. I'm doing my best to shrug it off and move on.. he's making it pretty difficult- blowing up every outlet I've had to reach me. I won't let it happen again. I won't be that person. I can't be tied down at this point in my life.

and HOW DARE YOU try and make me feel guilty for being honest with you. it was difficult enough to spill my thoughts about not wanting a relationship without hurting you- and in the end I guess I still did. to the point where it made me realize you were way too deeply into me- (something I told you I did NOT want) -basically solidifying my outlook on grasping a relationship anytime soon.

the problem was that I just didn't feel too strong about him. rather than starting up a relationship with him and still having an eye open to other opportunities... I thought I'd save both him and I the pain of finding out the relationship never started off on a solid foot to begin with. was that too much? didn't I do the right thing?

only time will tell.
alls well that ends well.
and that didn't end well at all.

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