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Kill Me Now.
November 26, 2011 //_ 3:24 AM

I am sitting in my room with my lava lamp and heater on.. watching the clock. I have slept for -maybe- one hour. I have to leave for work at 4. I hate my fucking life.

recently I got a severe skin reaction to something (detergent or WHATEVER) and its given me a lovely case of the FUCKING ITCHES all over my thighs/lower stomach/arms/ears .. like, for real? WHY DOES THIS EVEN HAVE TO HAPPEN. I've had to deal with itching for two weeks and my doctor just prescribed me some steroids to help calm the spread and hopefully make it end. I would take bed bugs over this shit ANY DAY. *ROID RAGE*

on top of that- my wonderful honda civic is acting like a complete bitch and having transmission problems. SERIOUSLY? I just spent 120$ on my doctor bill and now my car might shit out? ...

one incredible plus to all this is I met a boy from the work right next to me, Billy. he's a 20 year old alcoholic much like myself and he's fucking awesome. we're just kinda seeing how each other is and so forth.. after that last encounter - I'm a little weary of starting anything super serious. he definitely puts a smile on my face tho.

fuck. I think I'd rather die than be this itchy ever again.
please make it stop.

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