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Remain Nameless.
April 11, 2012 //_ 1:33 PM

and here I was thinking we could reconnect. that somehow with all the time that's passed you would see past your attachments and we could just float together. you called me out and saw it more or less as a threat. when all I was threatening you with was my friendship.
I guess I wish to remain nameless [to you].

sometimes I wonder how long this space will remain the same. the space where I'm fond but not in love- where I play but never have intentions to stay. am I still growing up? then again, am I even ready to change? I keep telling myself I'll be ready when the right heart comes along.. but how am I supposed to know who that is?

I grow restless in my own constraints. busy trying to plant new seeds in new hearts, I forget about the flowers that have already blossomed and have since started losing petals. needing water. turning grey. needing attention.

I'm really trying to change that this year.

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