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December 23, 2012 //_ 5:38 PM

I'm not quite sure what it is with me.. always picking the ones with some form of an issue. It's hard enough to find a nice guy who's attractive and ACTUALLY gay, but it's another to find one that isn't insane, psychotic, obsessive, infected and/or socially inept.

It's like hey, I'm just about to become happy about something in my life- oh wait- let's make it complicated and drive him away.

As you can guess I met a boy. And you know, everything was going pretty great all up until he told me he was infected. Which isn't a bad thing- I don't look at hiv+ people in a different light.. but it definitely dampers any plans or hopes of a relationship.

I just don't know if I could handle something like that. Am I being selfish?

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