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May 04, 2013 //_ 2:42 PM

pretty wonderful to have everything crash down all around you when you find pictures of your boyfriend sucking another dudes dick on his computer WEARING *YOUR* OWN HAT.

but I mean I guess I was just crazy and insecure.. making shit up every time we fought. every time we were out at the clubs and you'd start acting strange- disappearing and all these dudes giving you those fucking looks.. are you serious? how could I have been so blind?

and ONTOP of all that.. I'm not even sure how long this had be going on.. but to then somehow mind fuck me after the break up making me feel like as if *I* had done something wrong? .. as if you were the victim and I should've apologized for kicking your ass out of my house at 3AM when you were passed out drunk? no, you cannot wear my shoes out of my house.. GET THE FUCK OUT.
it's been real(ly fucking awesome wasting my goddamn time on your busted ass).

and I'm like the sweetest guy anyone has ever met..
but when shit hits the fan.. I don't get cute.
I get drop dead gorgeous.

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