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let's not shit ourselves.
July 21, 2014 //_ 1:33 PM

a week before, I started cutting the ties.. every single small one of them that led me to thinking about you. looking back now- you were the single source of most of my frustrations.. the reason I'd get worked up and you'd just let me fall for you. so I had to.. for my own survival- I had to kill you off.

and out of this death.. came a rebirth. a new beginning. I decided to take a chance and meet someone new and it's been 2 months since and I've honestly never felt this healthy.. a guy who shows affection- *communicates* what he wants and likes- and has the same intentions that I do.

I have to say it feels so foreign to be treated this well. to love and to be loved.

and this time.. I'm not going to hold back. :)

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