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September 19, 2014 //_ 3:57 PM

my god these are strange times..

things have been so wonderful the last couple of months. I've met a boy, and unsure of where I stood within MYSELF, took the chance and got to know him.. things folded within each other and after my initial touch-and-go perspective - I made him mine. we've been together for almost two months now and sometimes I catch myself thinking, "is this even real??" it's too good to be true.. there has to be some catch..

but yes, it IS real, it IS too good to be true and no there's no catch.

I'm in love with him.
he's changed my whole perspective of love.

I didn't think anyone could pick up my pieces and put me back together but he has somehow. I no longer believe in some made up fairy tale picture of love within my mind- because honestly, I feel like I'm living in one right now. we do have some distance between us- him living about an hour and a half away- but it only makes me feel stronger when we're together.

this whole relationship aspect is still so foreign to me.. I've never been treated with so much respect, love, trust and overall positivity. with him by my side, my future feels bright and weightless.

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