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its a new year.
January 05, 2015 //_ 9:07 PM

besides being brutally attacked by a piece of dried pasta off a colander and having to get my nail scissored off to remove it with little to any anesthetic- my ending to 2014 was pretty spectacular.

rung up the new year at a huge house party in Chico, accompanied by the boy and his two close friends (along with family members that showed up), we dressed up in 80s attire and got to drink, dance, witness a canon being shot every hour, fireworks, food and a huge bon fire. I haven't experienced such an encompassing new years party especially with a significant other.

that night was also our 5 month anniversary- and if the end of that year was any indication- I don't see this ending anytime soon.

we have plans to see Adore Delano perform in Sacramento January 22, possibly Rupauls Battle Of The Seasons in Februrary, tentative plans to see The Decemberists when/if they come to California, squeeze in some Fort Bragg camping, save for Disneyland tentatively end of the year, Taylor Swift in August, San Fran/Sacramento/Folsom Street Fair Prides.. and EVERYTHING/ANYTHING that comes in between.

I honestly couldn't be happier. There's just so much more to life now.. like a 4th dimension I can only just now start to fill in/experience. It's amazing.
..just gotta make sure to never pick at dried pasta ever again.


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