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Gone Fishing.
March 17, 2015 //_ 6:13 AM

i had this dream a couple of nights ago and it's hard to explain because within the dream i was trying to dream.. like, the beginning of the dream was me taking myself away from the dream and trying to focus to begin dreaming.. and it was the strangest sensation- to be conscious that i was dreaming and in the process of taking myself out of the dream (to begin lucid dreaming?)- but at the same time trying to force myself into dreaming. i'm not sure if i can explain that any better.. all i know is that feeling, of pushing myself forward but my brain taking me back and basically saying "hey, you know this isn't real, this isn't what you want.." when all i really wanted to do was to stop using my brain and let it go into autopilot.

it was like i was lucid dreaming.. but have you ever been in a lucid dream and tried to NOT lucid dream? it seems almost impossible to let go of that control - even when willing.

i don't know. sometimes i just want to sleep.

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