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April 16, 2015 //_ 6:09 AM

it's weird that when i get home from work and turn on my tv i instantly think "oh good, some down time so i can utilize my phone.." .. and then when i was faced with my tv not working and resorted to watching a movie on my phone, i instantly thought, "where's my phone- i want to check on things.." .. then realized i was already using my phone to watch a movie (which i wasn't even paying attention to) and that brings me to NOW, using this computer, and still not paying attention to the movie on my phone.

has my attention span really shat out that quickly within my own lifetime that i can't even watch a movie or tv show without having some ridiculous urge to check or be on my phone?

i feel bad for every generation after mine cos all this shit happened while i was growing up (and still growing) .. i can only imagine how horrible life is going to be for anyone else later on.

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