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April 17, 2015 //_ 6:43 AM

we were sitting below the magnificent tree underneath the cloak of night looking at fractals on your laptop. you had explained to me how fractals are everywhere in life, and in a sense, is life itself. we clicked on parts of the fractal to zoom in for closer looks and with every click we came closer and closer to more and more fractals.. the never ending design of life.

and at one point (after minutes of complete amazement and awe) i managed to ask, "now, how do we get back to the first frame we were in?"
you looked at me with a puzzled look. so i began to explain a little more, "you know, when we opened this program up- the first fractal that was shown- before we started clicking and zooming in-.. how do we get back to that one?"

and within that instant a very sharp realization fell over us.. an epiphany happened and both our eyes lit up and you said, "you can't go back.. you can only go forward."
angela <2
and that's when i knew.
that's when we both knew.

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