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way overdue.
May 24, 2016 //_ 1:30 PM

[I'm thinking:] it's funny, when I first started this online journal of mine- I couldn't find ENOUGH time to fully write out every small little emotion or thought I had in any given day.. and now, I find myself coming on maybe once a week to check on other peoples journals but when I finally get around to adding a new entry for mine, I immediately lose interest.

..where did that feeling go?

[anyway] so it's been about 7 months living with my boyfriend in our friends' cottage on her property and it's been quite the experience. I got my job transferred to the store I desired and immediately regretting doing so before the store underwent remodeling.. but at least I feel secure in my position and have very slowly but surely started making some friends within the store.

I will mention one of the largest is the fact that my family now knows and have met my boyfriend and adore him. he's gone to Thanksgiving with my whole family, a Christmas and even joined me in a birthday lunch for myself and even a visit or two..

if you would've asked me 2 years ago if I ever would have as an open relationship with my family (to include any gayness from me)- I would've laughed in your face.

it's quite .. odd and yet wonderfully freeing to feel this open with my family. it's difficult to explain how liberating it is.. but I do love it.

my birthday is this friday, May 27 and it will be my first birthday in about 4 years that I'll be working. not that it's a bad thing- I just didn't have any plans falling on my actual birthday to request it off. instead, the following week we have major plans of seeing Bob the Drag Queen perform in Sacramento and attending Sac Pride the next day, 3 days in Reno, 3 days in Fort Bragg and the surrounding days leaving to visits with friends in Sacramento and consuming every kind of booze I can get my hands on.

I can't believe I'm turning 28.
[2+8=10 = rebirth]

I have so much more to write about.. but I have to leave for work in 20 minutes and I already slightly feel more bored than I should be.
[i promise i won't take as long]
OMG and Happy New Year!! :3

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