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May 26, 2016 //_ 12:02 PM

every night that I get off work late and come home, I usually open the windows and doors to let in the breeze and watch a couple shows- which since the boy is typically asleep, I turn the TV onto my headphones to keep the noise down..

but from where I sit, I can see out our front door and into the front yard and the neighbors light across the street. this usually never bothers me until I start getting sleepy and I swear, the Amityville Horror remake has ruined me- because one of my biggest fears is seeing someone lurking across the yard- just beyond the trees, vaguely lit up by our side house light.

and in the past week, we've had random rain and even huge thunder/lightning storms (due to warmer weather) and this concept implanted by that movie .. well, it scares the shit out of me.

along in the vein of this thought- about a month or two ago, I had gotten ready for bed, around 1.45AM, closed all the doors and windows and maybe 20 minutes after I'd gotten under the covers- we hear:

RIGHT AT OUR FRONT DOOR. We both wake up, he whispers, "what was that?"..

it's like 2.10AM and someone is at our door, without our porch light on, AFTER I HAD JUST MOMENTS AGO CLOSED ALL THE DOORS.
so needless to say, we didn't answer the door- we got up a couple minutes later to inspect the scene and see if we'd notice anything but hadn't and left it to blame either drunk people or people thinking the past tenant still lived there and we went back to bed.

BUT IN MY MIND: all I could think of was all those torture house invasion movies and then the thought came into my mind that.. what if that person who knocked had been watching me the whole time.. watch my TV shows, then get ready for bed..?

terrifying. all I can say is I hope I've seen enough horror movies to know what to do and what not to do. (thanks Scream)

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