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September 22, 2016 //_ 11:32 AM

9+2+2+2+1+6=2+2=4 = creationa memory:

I'll never forget visiting you with my brother when we were younger.. about 8 or so.. and spending the night. you would clear out the guest room and pull out the bed and have our favourite night light ready to go. It was one of those spinning scenes around a bulb that would show a waterfall flowing, a fire burning and the river coursing thru a forest.. my brother and I loved that night light. we would gaze at it until our eyelids fell heavy and sleep would overcome us.

and I remember you never being able to sleep consistently without getting up and checking on us.. you'd be so quiet, coming around the bed to tuck us in more, you'd kiss our foreheads gently and tiptoe back to your room. it always made me smile and filled me with infinite comfort.

and I'll never forget our Easter egg hunts that would happen in your backyard. spread out around gorgeous full hydrangeas, blooming iris' and old tractor parts as decor. your house was a beacon of love for our family, even after my mother, your daughter, passed away.

you always made us feel at home, even when it must've felt odd for my father to come visit, considering my brother and I were the only real relation to the family now. you cared for us, you and your husband- my grandpa. gave us some of the best beloved memories of my life.

my boyfriend and I visited you a week ago after hearing your health wasn't doing so well. hospice had been called and was in the process of being set up- and when we arrived, we woke you up but you seemed to recognize me and my boyfriend. we chatted and you seemed to be doing pretty good. although I remember you telling me you hadn't woken up Jim, that he might be still sleeping.. even though he had already passed away.

the visit was surprisingly much easier than I had anticipated and left me with a feeling that you'd be alright for a little while longer.

then I woke up to a text from my father:
Don't know if you heard but grandma passed away last night. Got a call around 10.30. Went in her sleep.

I hope you know I love you.
_that all of the times I could've gone to visit you and Grandpa, I really wanted to.
_that my brother and I appreciate every big and small thing you ever did for us and my father.
_that now you can finally be with your husband and daughter- I know you've missed them.

Please send my love to them, and let them know I miss them too.
It does get quite lonely down here on Earth from time to time. <3

Rest in Peace, Ivy.
July 19, 1930 - September 22, 2016

Iris in the morning rain, sitting in a sea..

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