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moon in your mouth.
March 23, 2017 //_ 2:10 PM

there's this silent gesture that floats between us- lingers between our syllables, slowly dancing off every punctuation- and at it's end, slowly curls itself into a ball.. it illuminates itself with neon sparkles- glides down and up our glances- twirling with its every colour change. i inhale this, no bigger than a full moon, and radiate it's movements. it resides in my throat, behind my vocal chords, flitting around my own breaths.

kneeling down at the oceans fray, we raise our hands towards the clouds- strung out like cotton candy in the midnight stars. a galaxy surrounds us in it's constellations, wraps us in it's warm embrace. the ocean receives our tears as payment in exchange for our future-
the endless everything. the forever always.

"I am alive.." i take your hand in mine, "we are alive."


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