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white roses.
March 27, 2017 //_ 3:50 PM

no one notices when you're a white rose buried in the snow.
"oh, there he goes.."

i lay in dormancy, inhaling the ice surrounding me. another sunrise hidden behind the clouds. it's rays reaching but never quite touching. until someone stumbles upon me.

that day i'll be the perfect arrangement, to be unearthed and picked from the ground. they'll display me in the center of a living room; i'll be the perfect conversation piece to the dinner party. i'll end the evening with a smile. they'll drive off with fond memories, "those roses were lovely.."

and moments before the sun sets, i'll be tossed in the trash- in the gutter is where they'll find me now. dreaming of the snow. longing for the cold. wishing i'd never have been noticed in the first place.
i'll never be your permanent fixture.


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