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May 27, 2017 //_ 2:40 PM

i'd like to think of it like a flower. maybe a rose. maybe a dahlia.. yeah, a dahlia- that continually blooms in a constant state. it blooms fresh flower petals with every year- simultaneously shedding the older, outgrown petals from before- keeping it's beauty forever changing. evolving into different colours, different shapes. even it's scent changes from year to year. and ya know, even cameras can't hold a flash to its ever changing vibrations. i think it used to start out bright red, and has since blended thru pink, green, blue and purple. i feel like it's next phase may be yellow. a brightness is needed. a celebratory happiness. a union.

but still, another year. another petal blooms. another petal falls. it's all the same to the flower. this dahlia.
all that matters to this dahlia is that the stem doesn't get cut. not yet, not now.
there's work to be done. there's colours to explore.

today i'm 29.
say goodbye to all the old petals, it's time.. for a whole new flower

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