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January 22, 2018 //_ 12:23 PM

the sky's an endless grey, passing clouds like waves from strangers- leaving droplets of water on my front door. the air is filled with particles of freeze, layering the cars along the street with a soft white blanket.

there is no noise out here.

but within these walls, electricity soars- an endless feeling of frantic freedom pulsing thru my body, jolting up and down with the rhythm.

feeling life. feeling love. feeling open.
i wonder why i seem to feel like this when i'm completely alone? why is it [seemingly] so hard to take you along with me..?

if you were here, would you take my hand? walk with me thru the door and dance with me in the endless array of mother earth surrounding us? we could kiss beneath the pines while the birds watched in quiet envy. kicking mud and splashing in puddles; laughing. if one of us were to trip, the other would pick them up. and if thunder ensued, we would howl in content and find comfort beneath a strangers canopy.

we would be wild. and alive.

"those scratches on your knees, you think no one knows how deep you've gone.
i can be the help you need to help tear off the brambles overgrown.
[blaze up] rain is going, watch it glow we laze around, we fear it not
oh you know you never want to do this alone..

so come along.. gotta step up, don't fall.
you'll be stronger- first gotta feel the floor.
you're lost but found, now stick with us- don't go.
you'll be stronger- and if some thunder rolls..
just go with it."

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