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mini update.
December 06, 2018 //_ 5:19 PM

- we are 98% sure we have an "in" on an apartment with our friend (who we used to live with in Paradise) who also lost her house.
- we got a new laptop.
- we were allowed back up to our property for the first time yesterday. it became open to the public today. which was a total nightmare, it took us 2.5 hours just to get to our house today. we didn't do much. there really isn't much left.
- we're hoping to have a mini escape vacation to Fort Bragg for Christmas. we're just.. very, very, VERY done with everyone here. we need to get away to find ourselves again.
- our Spooky cat is happy and healthy.. and we couldn't be more pleased with her. :)

it's just all.. so .. overwhelming.

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