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May 14, 2019 //_ 1:10 PM

we've found a house that's located in Paradise, unharmed by the camp fire and in a lovely neighborhood that's still pretty intact- used to be a rather expensive area of town actually- that we can actually afford and have already put an offer on it. the lot is an acre (way larger than our previous house), has a hot tub, multiple decks with a pretty good view, a cute garden and even raised vegetable beds for planting.. two car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath.. 2 fireplaces. it all seems pretty wonderful. so that's been a pretty exciting thing going on.

my birthday is in a couple weeks- I'll be turning 31. I requested the weekend off, but I highly doubt my work will approve it. I hate how my birthday is always hovering around Memorial Day. the most basic bitch of all holidays. *heavy-tina-fey-eye-roll*

so I made a backup plan, we're loosely planning a weekend in June to go to Reno with my best friend from Sacramento. and while Reno itself isn't that great, the puzzle rooms, free drinks and gay bars are actually quite awesome. we only just recently got to experience the gay scene the last time we were there but it was a fun time.

our choonchie is doing alright. she seems to be having heavy breathing every once in a while, but nothing too extreme to warrant worry.. yet. the other night when I got home after working a night shift and tried to get some sleep, I must've been snoring with my mouth open but this crazy BZ literally crawled up on the bed, got up to my face and YOWLED into my mouth. scared the crap out of me, but if she's that inventive still.. I think she's doing just fine.


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