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don't hang your head.
June 02, 2012 //_ 9:18 PM

it's been a crazy week. my birthday. binge drinking. photoshoots. dancing. face-bashing and boys. where do I even begin?

all I can really say is this birthday has been the most odd for me. especially since I had about 3 days of constantly being mad at someone/everyone for things they aren't to blame for. been missing a lot of friends that just aren't around for me anymore and been wanting more than what I've been presented with.

it's not really all that bad tho. I've come to terms with the changing times and who is and who isn't. weird how it took this long to figure this out. I did however realize a couple of things. one of them being to cherish the ones that do show up- the ones that have been there all along. my roommates are wonderful and they truly made my birthday this year.

I think of it like this: when I was so drunk and fell over, bashing my head on my coffee table- who was there to pick me up and clean my wound? my friends. and who ended up offering me another shot? my friends (well, I probably insinuated it) and thats why I love them.

I read something recently that I've been putting to work a lot. something along the lines of not holding grudges or being upset with people because in the end, what's it all for? it doesn't do either side any good and you can truly break a friendship over the smallest shit sometimes. I'm trying to do the most with what I have now, forgiving and forgetting is a major factor. it has seriously made me much happier just by remembering that.

another thing I need to work on is *not* trying to sleep with any of my friends' relatives. ...either DO or DON'T. haha.

so hey, it's been another year and godddamnit, I didn't even die.
time to celebrate.

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