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waiting for the feeling.
June 25, 2012 //_ 1:34 PM

so the past couple of weeks I've been scheduled to work early mornings (and by early mornings, I mean HELLA EARLY MORNINGS, like 4am) and by doing so has made me go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, eat breakfast (which is a first) and seemingly work harder/better and stop drinking as much. what's crazier is I work tomorrow at 9.45am and I even caught myself saying, "deng, I get to sleep in!" ...is this what growing up is all about?

I used to sleep in for hours, even until the evening sometimes. with all this work work work keeping me busy busy busy is great and what's creepier is I find myself being more productive than I've EVER been after work. like finishing reading my Stephen King books. (FINALLY)

but since it's been about two weeks of solid no-fucking-around-and-partying-in-midtown... I'm going out tonight. time to dance and let off some steam.

all work and no play makes me .. well, a retard.

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