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May 19, 2018 //_ 11:56 AM

TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.. we had a great time. I think the only downsides to the whole event was:
1) our double shots of whiskey cost us $28 EACH. we spent well over $150 JUST ON SHOTS. and that's bullshit.
2) leaving the stadium was a breeze but GETTING A GODDAMN UBER WAS A SHIT SHOW. it ended up making us SO mad and frustrated we ran away from the designated "uber pick up parking lot" and ended up randomly getting some Uber by running thru a field of weeds just to get to his car in time. It was SO horrible it ALMOST overshadowed the whole show and the feeling of awesomeness that usually ensues for hours after a show like that.

but whatever. we survived. Taylor was brilliant. we definitely got our moneys worth in theatrics and entertainment. and when she played New Years Day- I remember snuggling up to my love and quietly singing the lyrics to him. what a lovely moment.

so now my birthday is coming up in about a week (May 27) and it will kick off my 30s. I'm slightly terrified by this but also extremely excited for all the possibilities that will ensue.

I'll have to update more later.

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