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December 29, 2019 //_ 10:54 AM

the New Year is coming and I'm going to be working at the stroke of midnight. you know how people say "how you spend your new years will dictate the rest of your year"? maybe this is a sign that I need to seriously hone in and figure out if this job I have will be my 'forever' job or not.

I know I say this every year, that I'm gonna get myself into school and gear myself towards the job I *want* to have instead of working a very annoying grocery clerk job that keeps my schedule changing every. fucking. week. one that I've worked for 14+ years and I still work holidays and can never get consistent days off (weekends).

and then every year comes and I continue to complain, and I continue to do nothing about it. and every year just pushes me that much farther back on my education/training. well, maybe this is a sign to get on with getting on with things.

we also set a date for our wedding, 10/10/2020. we booked a house in Fort Bragg that looks gorgeous and should house all our friends and immediate family. we still have so much to plan out and discuss.. it all feels so overwhelming. but at least we've set a definitive date. and I've also got to start bettering myself.

here's to the new year. woo-hoo.

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