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January 22, 2022 //_ 7:49 AM

have you ever been on a drive, so early in the morning or so late at night, that a song comes on and you just feel yourself tearing up? this uncalled for emotion starts to come thru and you’re confused as to it’s reaction .. is it the beauty of the song? the placement in time that it’s reaching you- in that exact moment- (fleeting) that something is happening within?

this almost traveling thru time experience .. and the soundtrack kicks in and maybe in that moment you actually find yourself LISTENING.

so aware of what’s around you and within your life and almost everything lines up.. to make sense?

(..line em up and knock ‘em down..)

and then the song ends.. and you desperately try to reclaim this feeling. slamming your fingers on the repeat button. wanting the road to never end.

hoping you’ll listen again.
{but it’s too late, you’ve already started worrying about getting to work on time}

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