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October 16, 2020 //_ 2:05 PM

on 10.10.2020 we got married.
in Fort Bragg, on the very beach my mothers & grandparents ashes were spread. my whole family plans to have their ashes spread there eventually.
it rained during our ceremony. it was gorgeous and dramatic.
everyone felt the need to tell us that "rain on your wedding day is good luck!" which i only instantly thought "well, i'm sure every bride had to say that in order to prevent their own meltdowns.." but for our wedding, it was so stripped back (due to covid) and small.. it really made for a wonderful event.

previously, we had *officially* got married at the house we rented out, with just my best friend officiating us, and jordans best friend as the witness in the morning. it was misty and overcast, but lovely.

i feel like i'm not giving the best details, but i will. it was all so wonderful. and now, we've started our vacation/honey moon and plan on heading back to the coast (and more up north) starting monday- just us two. married. my husband........! i can't believe it.

i really couldn't have asked for a more memorable time.
i'll update with more soon..!

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