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how old am i again?
June 28, 2019 //_ 10:42 AM

*in professor Farnsworth voice* GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY. we got the house!!!

we haven't signed the papers yet, but it should be any day now. I predict in a few months we will be moving in tho, we have some remodeling / renovating that we'd like to do before we move all our shit and break our apartment contract.

to be honest, the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is getting a new amazing record player with wireless speakers and setting my music room up. since I've decided on NOT rebuying my thousands of CD's- I've made the decision to only buy vinyls of the albums I really like/need. and to be honest, my collection is getting pretty amazing-- but I haven't been able to properly blast them in any way.. so that part of me is deeply yearning to be satiated.

as for my birthday, it was alright. my friend came up from Sacramento and we basically just had alcohol poisoning for 3 days straight. had some very good conversations with everyone though. even expressed my opinion on how I don't want to live in this area for the rest of my life.. which went over alright- but it always comes down to Jordans job (which cannot be moved) so it really just puts me back in my lane. oh well.

I really miss my friends and going out with them. I hope when we move and get settled in I'll be able to get back into visiting / having people over. we've contemplated the idea of hosting a Friendsgiving at our house this year.. which could potentially be amazing. so we'll see.

Choonchillio is doing alright, she's maintained her weight however her breathing is still a little labored. it's hard to tell if shes bothered by it or not. I really hope she feels just fine and its just a symptom of being older. I'm looking at her right now laying on our carpet- being a silly choonchi. Love that cat.

I should probably go be productive, just thought I'd oughta share some positive news. :)


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