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April 19, 2020 //_ 1:07 PM

well, it's crazy how things change. i'm not going to talk about it (much).

i work at a grocery store, have been for 14 years- it's my first and only job -and i can't begin to describe how this pandemic has affected my job. i'm not going to bore with the details, its a never ending wave of positives and negatives- and honestly, i'm so glad i'm still able to work and keep a paycheck coming in. if i were in any other field i feel like Jordan & I would be so screwed. luckily, his job is allowing him to "work from home" in some form.. so i think we're going to be okay.

the only thing that (selfishly) bugs me is when people say "oh my god, thank you SO much for working and being here today and BLAH BLAH BLAH" -- all i want to say is "...did i have a fucking choice?" cos no, my job- along with my coworkers, have had no option. so THANK YOU for your useless appreciation but none of us want to be in the position to get sick. but hey, we're essential so the likes of you can load your dumb fucking cart full of canned goods and BULLSHIT you don't need for some reason in some self-made fear that somehow because most people aren't working that we're going to run out of EVERYTHING. peoples fear has made our job almost a walking nightmare because people can't:
and 2) realize the actions they're taking are causing the frustration they're feeling.

ugh, i don't even want to talk about this anymore.

so anyway. i'm still alive, Jordan and Spooky are just fine. i really hope things get better so our wedding and honeymoon plans can remain intact.. but obviously- i'm sure those are out the window now.

i should really be using my off time to work on my drag make up.. but alas, i've been too lazy.
but maybe..!

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